• Open platform
  • Instant setup and easy usage
  • Massive scalability
  • Round-the-clock technical support

Create Your Own Server

Need a server right now? Want to avoid long-term commitments and signed contracts? Our Public cloud is here for you, and you are just a few minutes away from obtaining it.

Payment model

Invoices are issued monthly, on the first day of the next month. We do support a payment by credit card via the secure WorldPay gateway or via PayPal system. You choose preferred method below in the order form. Activation of services can be subject to a one-time installation fee.

Special Real As-You-Go Model

Special Real As-You-Go Model is billed on daily basis. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time, without a notice period. Since it is possible to establish new services during the month, we have set for your safety the limit for maximum amount on the invoice. After exceeding this limit, a direct debit payment will be automatically performed. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, VAT is excluded from the price.


Dell cloud platform

logo-dellPublic Cloud is built on a brand platform of the leading producer of servers and technology. Thanks to advanced Dell technology, your virtual server will be faster than you can imagine. The 13th generation of Dell servers is equipped with powerful processors from Intel Xeon E5 v3 and Intel S3500 SSD disks.

OpenStack platform

logo-openstackFree OpenStack technology provides the virtualization of physical servers into virtual servers. This open source platform provides a complete infrastructure for building a cloud platform that is safe, reliable, and easily scalable.

Professional data centers

The Public Cloud service is operated in secure data centers owned by a company with more than 15 years of experience. Would you prefer consuming services from the U.S. data center? We are currently working on opening one. Send us an email and we will contact you!


Software-Defined Storage CEPH

logo-cephWe have chosen a progressive solution for data storage in the form of a software-defined data store. A stunning performance is achieved by using powerful Dell hardware and CEPH software layer.

Additional Services


Additional backup service is available for any Public Cloud server. The backup is a secured space with fast and authenticated access via a Network File System (NFS) protocol. Administrators can help with the initial setup, but otherwise backup is completely in the customer’s hands.

Block Storage

Public Cloud customers need a place for data storage. Block storage in the cloud solves the problem of increasing databases and applications over time. With block storage, even the most demanding processes will run smoothly and without problems. Choose between two types – Capacity SAS and Performance SSD disks. Simply choose whether you prefer high performance or high capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Public Cloud and how does it differ from Enterprise Cloud?

Both types of cloud servers are operated on different platforms and thus have different characteristics. Public Cloud runs on an open source OpenStack platform. It features massive scalability and sophisticated API. However, a high availability is not guaranteed with Public Cloud. The provider guarantees the functionality of the user interface, but high availability is up to every customer.

How is it charged and how do I pay?

The only supported payment method is by credit card. Since you as a customer can add new servers after logging in to the user interface, billing units are days. Payment is carried out retroactively.

What is a Trial version and how is it charged?

Public cloud server service is also available in Trial version. You can try this service for free and test the server for 14 days. You will be noticed before the expiration of the trial period and after that you decide whether to continue in using the service or not. Once the trial period is expired, services will be cherged according to the conditions specified in the order.

Do I have to pay for the server for the days when it is switched off?

You will only pay for what the virtual cloud server does for you. RAM and CPU are off, but the disk is still active. For this reason, there are minimal fees even when the server is turned off.

What is it possible to run in the cloud?

Cloud4data platform is an IaaS (Infrasructure as a Service) type of cloud service. In this framework, the client uses the cloud infrastructure as a form of virtual hardware on which it is possible to run applications that would otherwise operate on physical servers. The cloud can operate information systems, mail servers, databases, websites, etc. It is ideal for projects that experience significant fluctuations in load and traffic.

How do I control my cloud?

You will control your cloud server through a standard user interface. All other operational issues will be addressed by the customer information system (CIS). Do not worry, you do not have to remember another series of passwords. The credentials for both interfaces are identical.

I have added a new server, but I only see a local network, what should I do?

This is not unusual. When adding a new server, you have to assign a floating IP address. Follow the menu section Instances – Actions – Associate Floating IP.

What does Availability Zone mean, and how can I increase the availability of my server?

When creating a new server within the user interface, it is necessary to choose the zone in which the server is located. To achieve high availability, we recommend placing each server in a different zone.