• Pay only for actual consumption
  • Unlimited performance whenever you need it
  • Quick set up and easy operation
  • Round-the-clock technical support

Create Your Own Server

Need a server right now? Want to avoid long-term commitments and signed contracts? Our Enterprise Cloud is here for you, and you are just a few minutes away from obtaining it.

If you want to try our services, you can download app for Public cloud trial service:

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Payment model

Invoices are issued monthly, on the first day of the next month. We do support a payment by credit card via the secure WorldPay gateway or via PayPal system. You choose preferred method below in the order form. Activation of services can be subject to a one-time installation fee.

Special Real As-You-Go Model

Special Real As-You-Go Model is billed on daily basis. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time, without a notice period. Since it is possible to establish new services during the month, we have set for your safety the limit for maximum amount on the invoice. After exceeding this limit, a direct debit payment will be automatically performed. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, VAT is excluded from the price.


Dell Cloud Platform

logo-dellVirtual Server Enterprise Cloud is built on a brand platform developed by the leading producer of Dell servers and technologies. They use high-end Power Edge servers with redundant components, Dell Power Connect switches for 10 Gbit/s Ethernet and virtualized storage in the form of EqualLogic PS disk arrays. Individual elements are redundant and connected so that a failure of any part of hardware would not lead to a failure of customer servers.

VMware Virtualization Technology

logo-vmwareCloud4data exclusively uses products from VMware, the leader in the virtualization field, to virtualize physical servers. More than 500,000 customers selected this reliable and robust virtualization platform because of its innovative and exceptional character. The VMware vSphere 5, a professional tool supporting various types of operating systems, is used to connect physical servers to a cluster.

Professional data centers Background

logo-masterdcThe Enterprise Cloud service is operated in secure data centers of the company with more than 15-year history.
Would you prefer consuming services from the U.S. data center? We are currently working on opening one. Enter your email and we will contact you!

Robust 99.99% Failover Technology

logo-logo-master-cloud-platformEnterprise Cloud is provided with a contractual guarantee of SLA 99.99% availability. The VMware virtualization technology guarantees the independence of virtual machines from hardware, allowing their free migration. Thanks to the hardware arrangement into separate sites and replication to a secondary data center, not even a failure of the whole site will influence customer servers.

Additional services


The additional monitoring service represents the surveillance of a virtual server availability by certified administrators. The surveillance is secured by means of the Nagios system, which allows to monitor services in terms of utilization of processors, computing capacity, disks occupancy and other parameters. The customer is informed immediately after detection of nonstandard values and the technical support is provided subsequently according to a scenario that was agreed in advance.

Backup Space

A supplementary backup service is also optionally available for a cloud server on the Cloud4data platform. A space with fast and authenticated access via the Network File System (NFS) Protocol is secured for the backup space. Administrators can help with its initial setting, otherwise the backup is completely in the customer’s hands.

Operating Systems

The VMware virtualization technology does not limit users in selecting an operating system. Therefore, it is possible to operate a virtual server with both the Windows OS and Linux on the Cloud4data platform. Customers can choose from several Linux distributions – proven CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Enterprise Cloud?

Enterprise Cloud is a project of the Public Cloud solution based on the latest technologies from Dell, VMware and Intel. Thanks to its location in data centers in the middle of Europe, data is protected even against the requirements of U.S. federal authorities.

How is the Enterprise Cloud invoiced and what payment method is used?

Customers can configure at will how they will utilize their resources on the virtual server Enterprise Cloud. The billing unit is therefore one day and payment is done in arrears. Credit card payment is a supported payment method.

Do I pay for a turned-off server on days when I am not using it?

You only pay for what your virtual cloud-based server does for you. Only minimum fees are charged for a turned-off server. Although RAM and CPU are not running, the disk still remains active, which means your data is stored on it.

What can I operate in the cloud?

The Cloud4data platform is a cloud-based service of the IaaS (Infrasructure as a Service) type. Therefore, the service enables customers to use an infrastructure cloud in the form of a virtual hardware on which they can run applications that they would otherwise operate on physical servers. In the cloud, you can run information systems, mail servers, databases, websites and more. It is an ideal solution for projects suffering from significant fluctuations in loading and traffic levels.

How will I control my cloud?

You can manage your server via a unique customer information system developed specifically for the Cloud4data platform. Through this web interface, you will be able to turn the virtual server on or off, connect a CD from a local PC directly to your cloud, etc. You can use this interface to increase or decrease the server performance at your will in a time of low activity.

Can I use my own operating system license if I have one?

Unfortunately, you cannot use your own operating system license. Licenses intended for use in the cloud-based environment have been pre-installed in the cloud-based platform.