• Guaranteed 60-minute technical intervention
  • Powerful Dell servers
  • Dedicated performance
  • Round-the-clock technical support

Choose Your Own Dell Server

Looking for a powerful dedicated server for your project? Want to avoid long-term commitments and signed contracts? Dell servers are here for you.

If you want to try our services, you can download app for Public cloud trial service:

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Payment model

Invoices are issued monthly, on the first day of the next month. We do support a payment by credit card via the secure WorldPay gateway or via PayPal system. You choose preferred method below in the order form. Activation of services can be subject to a one-time installation fee.

Special Real As-You-Go Model

Special Real As-You-Go Model is billed on daily basis. The contract is concluded for an indefinite period of time, without a notice period. Since it is possible to establish new services during the month, we have set for your safety the limit for maximum amount on the invoice. After exceeding this limit, a direct debit payment will be automatically performed. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, VAT is excluded from the price.



logo-dellWe chose the leading manufacturer of server hardware and technology for our dedicated server: Dell. Our dedicated servers are from the top-level Dell series PowerEdge R320. All our servers feature hardware raid Dell PERC H710 Integrated RAID Controller, 512MB NV Cache. iDRAC out-of-band management, which is a native component of all Dell dedicated servers, fulfills the function of the integrated KVMoverIP.

Intel Xeon Processors

logo-intelCloud4data dedicated servers are equipped exclusively with Intel Xeon server processors. This innovative series of processors has 22nm architecture and 3D transistors continuously loading during permanent operation.

RadWare IPS Network Protection

logo-radwareThe service will soon also include an additional service of network protection against DoS and DDoS attacks. The chosen solution, in the form of Radware Defense Pro x420 equipment, is able to filter out attacks up to 40 Gbps. Thanks to behavioral data analysis, Radware Defense Pro is much more efficient and enables protection even from the attacks that other systems fail to detect.

Professional and Green Data Center

logo-masterdcOur dedicated servers are located in the secure data centers of a company with more than 15 years of experience. Redundant 10 GE lines provide connectivity to our dedicated servers. Thanks to Dell Fresh Air technology, the Cloud4data data center is considered green and environmentally friendly. This technology enables server operation at elevated temperatures using direct free cooling.

Would you prefer consuming services from the U.S. data center? We are currently working on opening one. Enter your email and we will contact you!

Additional Services


Additional monitoring service is available in the form of server monitoring by certified administrators. Supervision is provided with the help of the Nagios system, which enables services to be monitored in terms of CPU usage, computing power, cast disks, and other parameters. The customer is informed immediately if non-standard values are detected. Technical support follows pre-arranged scenarios.


Additional backup service is available for any dedicated server. The backup is a secured space with fast and authenticated access via a Network File System (NFS) protocol. Administrators can help with the initial setup, but otherwise backup is completely in the customer’s hands.

ISP Manager

Incredibly comfortable Linux server management. The additional ISPmanager service combines many tools for setup and server diagnostics in one solution, accessible via an intuitive Web interface. Web-hosting management has never been so easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it better to choose a dedicated server over a cloud server?

Dedicated servers are best for projects and applications where high emphasis is placed on performance, security, and stability. Examples include the operation of a power-consuming database, applications that require extremely low latency, and systems that operate directly with physical hardware.

Will I have full administrator access?

Of course. Server management will be completely in your hands. You personally will install all the necessary software, update applications, and perform backup. Since each dedicated server belongs to only one customer, you will never have to share its performance with anyone.

How will I control my dedicated server?

You will get an administrator account for your dedicated server. This will be delivered to you together with the access data for the customer information system and credentials for the out-of-band iDRAC surveillance card. An integrated KVM console for remote management, including virtual media, is available in this Dell native interface. With that, you can work with the server as if you were sitting right next to it.

How many IP addresses are included?

By default, we provide 1 pc of IPv4 to each dedicated server. The number of IPv6 is unlimited.

Do you provide IPv6?

We provide IPv6 throughout the network. Individual customers got a prefix of size /58. Of these prefixes then /64 per server.

How is it charged and how do I pay?

You will pay for your dedicated server once a month, on the first of every month. We accept credit card payment through the secure WorldPay gateway.